Monitor Audio

Climate Garden CLG-W10 Subwoofer (Ea)

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The CLG-W10 is a compact, passive subwoofer, designed with the option to be partially buried in a garden border or positioned on a deck or patio area.

Rated to IP54, the CLG-W10 has a rotationally moulded polymer cabinet, which is tough, robust, waterproof and durable in extreme conditions. The subwoofer features a 10" C-CAM Inverted Cone Driver that utilises a rigid dome diaphragm (formed from Monitor Audio’s renowned C-CAM material) to deliver powerful, punchy bass. The inverted dome ensures any water that enters the mesh vents will drain away and, thanks to its ceramic coating, the C-CAM is impervious to moisture and tough environmental conditions. A dual spider configuration (inspired by Monitor Audio’s flagship loudspeaker series) ensures the driver stays in perfect alignment when under extreme audio loads.

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