Acclaim For New Gold

Posted on August 01 2019

Acclaim For New Gold

With their stunning looks, premium feel and high-end sound, the Gold series offers a fulfillment for the senses. Their performance is articulate, clear, smooth and easy on the ear...

A strong statement that is backed up by two new reviews for the Gold Series, both of which provide excellent feedback and admiration for the new range.


HiFi News: Gold 100 Review

The Gold 100 bookshelf model was recently reviewed by James Parker of HiFi News. James said the Gold 100s have an "impeccable design, fit and finish, and a big sound that belies its compact dimensions."

Commenting on the MPD transducer, James said, "not only does it give an impression of pin-point image focus, across a wider than usual listening area, but it also sounds open and airy without ever straying into forwardness."

James was so impressed with the The Gold 100s that he saw fit to honor the speakers with the HiFi News Outstanding Product Award.

The full review can be read in the August issue of HiFi News.


Hi-Fi+: Gold 200 Review

The Gold 200 floorstander was recently reviewed by Simon Lucas of Hi-Fi+. Simon said, "this torrential level of communication is maintained throughout the frequency range, from the textured and disciplined low frequencies to the smoothly shining top end."

He commented further, stating that "playing quietly doesn't hamper the Gold 200s' ability to deliver the entirety of the frequency range with the required impact, and playing at antisocially loud levels doesn't spoil their harmonic balance."

Simon concluded by calling the Gold 200s "an unarguable, categorical success."






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