Introducing The New Kevro Website!

Posted on July 29 2019

Introducing The New Kevro Website!


It is our pleasure to introduce you to the new and improved Kevro Website! The new website features an updated design, with enhanced functionality and additional features.

Along with the new website comes an upgraded Dealer Portal. The Dealer Portal will now feature accurate pricing based on your unique Dealer Level (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), as well as added features such as an improved Checkout and better product navigation! 

Our goal was to create a website that would reflect the stability and high quality of the products and services we represent. With this new website, we are confident that we have achieved that goal.



For more information and instructions regarding the new website, please download and read our Website User Guide here.


Website Upgrades & Features

Mobile Friendly - With a mobile version of the website included with the new design, you are now free to browse and order products via your phone or tablet, which ultimately provides an easier and more convenient experience.

Improved Navigation - The new Kevro Website is faster and easier to navigate than its predecessor, allowing you to find the products and information you need much more quickly.

Kevro Website Membership - The Login functionality has been greatly improved, allowing you to use your own email address as the username and create your own password, making it much easier to remember your login information. If you do forget your password, no problem! Simply click the "Forgot your password" link on the login page to reset your password quickly and easily, allowing you to get back to ordering products without delay.

Upgraded Product Pages - All product pages can now be viewed without the need to login (prices and the "Add To Cart" button will not be shown until after logging in). Each page will provide detailed information on the product, multiple images, and accurate product codes.

Enhanced Checkout Experience - The Cart and Checkout pages feature added options and functions, which include the ability to type in a PO number, discount codes (where applicable), and select a desired shipping method (standard Kevro shipping terms apply).



If you have any questions regarding the new website, please contact: 


(800) 667-6065 Ext. 224     |



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